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Looking to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? You've come to the right place! Our Green Living category contains articles on everything from energy-saving tips to composting.

Want to learn whether a particular material is eco-friendly? We've got you covered. Interested in finding out which household products are most damaging to the environment? We can help with that, too.

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Are Solar Panels Worth It? The Pros & Cons of Solar Energy

Rising electricity costs and carbon dioxide emissions have given rise to a demand for renewable, clean energy. Solar power is the most popular way to achieve energy independence. So a lot of people ask "are solar panels worth it?" and whether or not they should invest in them. There are many benefits to installing solar […]

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Why Are Plastic Bottles Bad & What Can We Do About It?

As a keen festival goer, I’ve seen first-hand the sheer volume of discarded water bottles during large events. However, it’s not just large events that are the problem. We’re living in a throwaway society, and single-use plastic bottles have become a convenience norm. Plastic bottles have numerous uses (shampoo, detergent, dish soap, etc.). Still, it’s […]

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Why Are Plastic Bags Bad & Should They Be Banned?

I was out walking the dogs one evening a few months ago and almost dropped down dead with fright when I saw a ghost glowing in a tree as I came around the corner onto our street. It turns out it was just a bunch of plastic bags caught in a tree, backlit by a […]

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Greenwashing Explained (With 9 Real Life Examples)

The number of environmentally conscious consumers voting with their dollars is growing year on year, so going green has never been a more profitable business strategy than it is right now. Green business practices not only bring in more customers. They also give a favorable public image and can even bring in government support and […]

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A-Z of Eco Labelling: 217 Green Certifications Explained

Increased consumer demand for environmentally conscious products and services has given rise to rapid growth in the green certifications industry. From certified forests to energy-efficient products that conserve precious natural resources, there is now an ecolabel and certification body for every green market you can think of. Here is our summary of 217 of the […]

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How To Be More Eco-Friendly: 70+ Simple Tips To Lead a Greener Lifestyle

Many people today are aware of the damage their everyday choices do to the environment. We hear the ‘broad strokes’ all the time. Use less, don’t waste, reverse climate change, pick up litter, plant more trees, but what does it all mean, and where can you start? Whether your goal is to live an ‘eco-friendly’ […]

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What Does ‘Eco-Friendly’ Mean?

Having a 13-year-old daughter in the house who loves sport and animals means I hear the term ‘eco-friendly’ pretty much daily. Whether it’s reducing our food waste, ditching single-use plastic bottles for the soccer team, or metal straws for every cookout and birthday party, she certainly has strong opinions on ‘eco-friendly’ practices. ‘Eco-friendly’ is a […]

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RC Solar Car Race

Join us at The Roundup for a fun, competitive RC controlled Solar Car Race The Renewable Energy Roundup Solar Race will be held Saturday, September 29 at 3 pm. The grounds will be ‘buzzing’ with excitement as teams gather to compete for our 2nd annual competition. Individuals or teams consisting of Students, Adults and Businesses […]

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