Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair

September 25-27, 2009
Fredericksburg, Texas
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Come learn solutions to global warming: You can make a difference!

Exhibitors in one of 3 pavillions, 2002Solar – Wind – Geothermal – Water Use & Reuse – Energy Conservation – Rainwater Harvesting – Green & Sustainable Building – Organic Growing – Alternative Transportation – Straw Bale Construction – Exhibits – Free Guest Speakers – Natural Food – Family Activities

Gate entry fee $10 for Friday or Sunday, $12 for Saturday or $20 for a 3-day pass (children under 12 free)

General admission tickets sold at the gate only.

Gate fee includes:

Exhibits and on-going demonstrations
Speakers and workshops
Fun learning activities for kids
Musical performances

Many NEW Exhibitors and Speakers!
It’s all on the grounds, for ONE fee!

For an added fee, there’s more fun:

Bio-diesel fueled “Jiggle Bug” train ride
New Belgium, 100% wind-powered brewery’s beers & ales for sale
Please bring your own refillable water bottle or buy a lovely Roundup stainless steel water bottle for $10! We have learned that 150,000 barrels of oil a year are used to make over 189 million bottles in the U.S. alone, only 23% of which make it to the recycler. Good conscience prevents us from continuing to support this cavalier use of bottled water. Instead we are happily giving away water! Thanks to Pure Quality Water for providing the set up.

Roundup 2005 in full swing

Travel Green! Carpool or Find a Roommate!
Are there two people and four seats in your car? Please Fill Every Seat!
The Roundup is a planet-friendly event. Please find your neighbors and carpool! You can also find hotel roommates.

Trip Verde has offered their trip matching service to the Renewable Energy Roundup by providing free travel matching for event participants as a public demonstration of their new technology. The service includes personalized matches based on starting and ending points and time constraints as well as other preferences like gender, smoking/nonsmoking, etc. Riders can try this new “green ride” by going to Call Trip Verde at 512- 696-0438 to speak to a Trip Jockey.

Missed a past Roundup? Or just missed some of the talks? We have the solution! CDs from the 2006 and 2007 Roundups are now available. A compilation of 50 talks from the 2006 Roundup or 53 talks from the 2007 Roundup can be purchased now. (Follow the link for details.)

Pet Policy
The Market Square is City of Fredericksburg property. Pets are not allowed on the Roundup (Market Square) grounds unless they are aides to the impaired. Owners of such personal assistance animals are responsible for controlling their animal, cleaning up after it, and for the safety of others in attendance. Please make arrangements for the care of your pets before leaving home, then come on out to the Fair.