6 Great Eco-Friendly Dog Beds for Green Pet Owners

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I need to start this article with an apology to our loving and loyal family Labrador, Millie. I’ve spent months selfishly testing human sleep products, and I completely forgot about our canine friends.

Well...that’s about to change, Millie, old girl!

Are you looking for an eco-friendly dog bed for your furry friend? You’re in luck...there are many great options for choosing a sustainable dog bed.

Whether you’re a proud new parent of a fur baby, or you have a faithful, good boy/girl who needs a bit of sleep time pampering in their later years, I’ll help you discover the best eco-friendly dog beds in the U.S.

I’ll also help you steer clear of the greenwashing tactic of some of the less scrupulous manufacturers.

6 Best Eco-Friendly Dog Beds: How to Choose a Green Dog Bed for Your Furry Friend

They Say: Handcrafted dog bed made in Montana with a soft, textured top and micro-suede bottom. This luxurious bed is extra stuffed with recycled IntelliLoft®, certified safe by OEKO-TEX®. The eco-friendly fill is made from recycled plastic bottles. Pillowy sides are low-profile, so short-legged, older dogs and puppies can easily find their new favorite snooze spot.

We Say: I was going to leave the bulk of the testing to Millie. After all, it’s her area of expertise. However, it quickly became apparent that she was not too fussy and would sleep on pretty much anything.

That said, this was one of two beds she kept coming back to when given a choice, so I’m confident to call it her favorite.

I have to say…she has impeccable taste!

West Paw is a B Corp, and the Heyday Bed is OEKO-TEX certified.

It’s super soft and cozy, perfect for snuggling up on a cold winter’s day. The eco-friendly fill is made from recycled plastic bottles, so you can rest assured that you’re doing your bit for the environment too.

The entire bed (inner and outer) is machine washable. Wash as cool as possible and use eco-friendly laundry detergent for the best eco-friendly results.

Four sizes are available, so you’re sure to find one to fit your pooch:

  • SMALL: Inside Dimensions 14” x 8” - Outside Dimensions 26” x 19”
  • MEDIUM: Inside Dimensions 19” x 10” - Outside Dimensions 32” x 22”
  • LARGE: Inside Dimensions 25” x 16” - Outside Dimensions 40” x 27”
  • X-LARGE: Inside Dimensions 30” x 18” - Outside Dimensions 46” x 32”

There are also three color options, so you can try to match the bed with your interior decor:

  • Boulder Heather
  • Oatmeal Heather
  • Midnight Heather

West Paw is so confident in the quality of its dog beds that they offer a Love It Guarantee. Disagree will Millie that this dog bed is incredible? Simply return for a full refund.

They Say: Feel the amazing softness and quality of this luxurious pet bed. We are excited to launch our new Delilah Home Ultra Plush Pillow Dog Bed by PAIKKA. You and your best friend will feel the unsurpassed comfort found only in our European-designed, luxurious dog bed.  Made from the highest quality organic cotton (cover) you have come to love with Delilah Home products and PET-recycled bottles (fill), your best friend will absolutely love this extraordinarily soft bed.

We Say: After testing and loving Delilah Home’s eco-friendly bedding (their hemp sheets are A MA ZING!) I was eager to get my hands on their dog beds made in collaboration with PAIKKA.

The outer cover is made from high-quality organic cotton, and the filling is made from PET-recycled bottles. This results in a bed that’s both eco-friendly and super soft.

I would say this is Millie’s runner-up choice.

However, I would rank it slightly higher than the West Paw option because the organic cotton used in the outer cover is a more sustainable fabric.

Talking about the cover, it’s fully removable and machine washable.

There is only one size and two color options (Grey, Pink).

Overall, Millie and I are very impressed with the Delilah Home Pet Bed and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a new bed for dogs of all sizes.

Free shipping and returns are also available, so you can buy with confidence.

They Say: Our Organic Dog Bed is 100% GOTS organic certified (one of the few in the world!), anti-odor, biodegradable, and naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. We add an inch-thick layer of 100% GOLS organic certified latex from our own farm on top of three inches of breathable coconut husk. We cover it all with a waterproof organic cotton inner liner and a removable, sweat-absorbing organic cotton cover to create a soft, durable, and cool mattress that delivers orthopedic support for your pup.

We Say: I couldn’t write a bed article without mentioning one of my favorite sleep brands, Avocado.

In the past, I’ve used/recommended them for mattresses, as well as mattress protectors, crib mattresses, mattress toppers, furniture, and bedding.

And it turns out they don’t just cater to humans. Their organic dog beds are also pretty awesome. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It’s made with certified organic materials
  • It has a waterproof liner and removable cover (both machine-washable)
  • The latex top layer offers excellent orthopedic support (great for older dogs)
  • It’s PETA-approved
  • Avocado is a B Corp and Climate Neutral Certified

Incredibly eco-friendly materials manufactured by a company with first-rate eco-credentials. This is one seriously green dog bed!

I don’t have a problem with either of Millie’s choices. However, if I was a labrador looking for a comfy bed but also conscious of my environmental paw print, this is the bed I’d go for.

There are two sizes available:

  • S/M: 34” x 24” x 4” (11 lbs)
  • L/XL: 42” x 32” x 4” (17.5 lbs)

Avocado has published a handy sizing guide to help you get the right-sized bed for your dog.

Four colors (all made with non-toxic dyes) are also available:

  • Field of Green
  • Squirrel Grey
  • Salmon Pink
  • Mailman Blue

This is an expensive option (particularly if you also go for the pillow bolster and bed frame), but if you can stretch the budget this far for your furry friend (and the planet!) it’s worth every cent!

They Say: Premium hemp pet beds, crafted from durable natural hemp fiber and stuffed with Organic Latex. Removable zippered cover for easy washing. Zippered Inner Liner for adding or removing fill. Our latex is Oeko-Tex Class 1 Certified and does not emit gases, is breathable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.

We Say: Etsy comes up trumps for products like this. A quick search for ’eco-friendly dog beds’ returned over 400 results.

Yes, some of them will not be as eco-friendly as they make out (greenwashing is rife everywhere, including Etsy), but will a little bit of research and common sense, you can quickly discover some eco-friendly dog bed gems.

I’ve got you covered with the research, but you’re on your own with the common sense! 😁

The first thing that caught my eye with the BeanProductsInc Hemp Dog Bed was the range of sizes. From XX-Small to XX-Large, they’ve got all shapes and sizes of dogs covered:

  • XX-Small: 18” x 12” x 4”
  • X-Small: 24” x 18” x 4”
  • Small: 30” x 20” x 4”
  • Medium: 36” x 24” x 5”
  • Large: 42” x 28” x 5”
  • X-Large: 48” x 30” x 5”
  • XX-Large: 54” x 36” x 6”

The product description is very reassuring, too:

  • Stuffed with organic latex? Check!
  • Durable natural hemp fiber? Check!
  • Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified? Check!
  • Removable washable cover? Check!
  • Zero off-gassing? Check!
  • Made in the U.S.? Check!

Free U.S. shipping is available, and Etsy will offset the carbon emissions from delivery and packaging on this purchase.

So, all things considered, an excellent option if you’re looking for eco-friendly dog beds on Etsy.

They Say: The Futon Shop has extended its chemical-free mattress collection to include pets! Rather than a cheap foam pet bed, you can get your beloved animal their own mattress with a removable water-resistant case for easy cleaning. No matter what size your pet is, we can customize a pet bed for you right at our San Francisco design center.

We Say: I noticed that The Futon Shop made pet mattresses when I was researching/testing for my sofa bed article.

It initially wasn’t on my list for testing. But when I saw that they offer customized sizing options, I decided to give it a try, and I’m thrilled I did.

So, if you have a bespoke need, you might want to give The Futon Shop a call.

However, even the standard options are numerous and would cover most needs.

Firstly, you choose your size:

  • Small: 20” x 26”
  • Medium: 34” x 26”
  • Large: 44” x 34”

Then, pick your bed insert / filling material:

  • Good Boy: Organic cotton filling
  • Companion: Coconut and wool filling
  • Diggity Dog: Pure wool filling
  • Best In Show: Latex and wool filling

Finally, choose a cover:

  • Organic cotton
  • Durable water-resistant Outdura fabric

And, if that’s not enough decisions for you, you also get to choose from multiple color options:

  • Light blue
  • Green (shown above)
  • Black
  • Navy
  • Red
  • Brown

So, if you love a side of options with your eco-friendly credentials, The Futon Shop has you covered.

They Say: Our wool-filled crate pad and cover are designed to fit all crate brands. This crate pad and cover provide luxurious lumbar support padding to assist aging dogs and cats. Our 100% wool-filled crate pads naturally help your dog stay cool in the hot summer months and warm in the winter.

We Say: The Molly Mutt Sheepy Wool Crate Mat is an excellent option if you’re looking for a little bit of everything…color, pattern, and comfort.

This mat comes in a variety of sizes to fit any crate:

  • 24” x 18” x 2.50”
  • 30” x 21” x 2.50”
  • 36” x 24” x 2.50”
  • 42” x 28” x 2.50”
  • 48” x 30” x 2.50”
  • 54” x 37” x 2.50”
  • 42” x 42” x 2.50”

And also an extensive range of colors and patterns:

  • Amarillo by Morning
  • Clark Gable
  • Forever young
  • I’m a Realist
  • Rocketman
  • Rough Gem
  • Wild Horses
  • Everywhere
  • Grey
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Royals
  • Time After Time

The Molly Mutt Sheepy Wool Crate Mat is a great option for pets who need a little extra comfort. The 100% wool filling will keep them comfortable year-round, and the machine-washable cover makes it easy to keep clean.

I tested the Amarillo by Morning option with Millie. She appears to find it comfortable, and I think it looks very stylish. Win-win.

My only issue with this Molly Mutt dog bed is the use of standard cotton instead of organic cotton. If they did switch to organic cotton, this might well be the perfect crate mat.

Things To Consider When Buying Eco-Friendly Dog Beds

The definition of eco-friendly has changed a lot over the past few decades. It was once enough just for a product to be made from recycled materials. But these days, companies are expected to do much more than that.

To be truly eco-friendly, manufacturers need to take sustainability and planet welfare seriously. Here are a few things to look out for when shopping for dog beds.

What It’s Made From

Your attitude to the materials used in eco-friendly dog beds should be the same when you’re shopping for an eco-friendly mattress for yourself.

Try to steer clear of unsustainable and toxic materials. Instead, look for dog beds and covers made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials, such as:

  • Organic Cotton
  • Hemp
  • Linen

Some certifications to look out for when considering eco-friendly materials include:

How It’s Made

The manufacturing process is just as important as the materials used. If a product is made in an unsustainable way, it negates any eco-friendly benefits of the materials used.

So, when you’re buying an eco-friendly dog bed, make sure to find out how it was made. The best dog beds will be made using sustainable methods, such as:

  • Handmade
  • Fair Trade Factories
  • Energy Efficient Manufacturing
  • Recycled Materials
  • Upcycled Materials

Some certifications to look out for when considering eco-friendly manufacturers include:

What It’s Filled With

The filling of eco-friendly dog beds is just as important as the materials used for the outer cover.

Synthetic fillings, such as polyester, are made from petroleum products, and they’re not biodegradable or compostable. Making them bad for the environment.

Instead, look for dog beds filled with eco-friendly materials, such as:

  • Natural Wool
  • Shredded Recycled Textile
  • Hemp Fibers
  • Recycled Plastic Bottles

These filings are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Some are also biodegradable, so they won’t end up in landfill.

How Much It Costs

It’s an unavoidable fact that most sustainable products are more expensive than mass-produced alternatives.

Eco-friendly dog beds are likely to cost more than conventional dog beds.

That’s because they’re made from higher quality, sustainable materials. They’re also often handmade by artisan craftspeople working in safe conditions and earning a fair wage. This all costs more, which makes the end product more expensive.

However, the extra cost is worth it when you consider the environmental benefits of eco-friendly dog beds. Plus, they’re often more comfortable for your dog too. Win-win!

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. You can find cheap eco-friendly dog beds if you know where to look. And you can also find some costly ones!

In the article, I’ve tried to cater to all budgets.

The important thing is to shop around and compare prices before making your final decision.


Can the cover be removed and washed in the machine with eco-friendly laundry detergent, or will you need to hand wash it every time it starts to smell?


Buying a cheap flimsy dog bed will end up being a false economy.

Aside from all the potential issues with toxic materials, unsustainable manufacturing processes, etc., you’ll also probably have to replace it within a short period.

A key component of sustainability is not buying/consuming unnecessarily. Purchasing a well-made and durable dog bed might cost a few bucks more at the start, but I’m convinced it’ll save you money in the long run.


You need to make sure the bed is big enough for your dog to sleep in comfortably.

Make Your Own Environmentally Friendly Dog Bed

One of the most eco-friendly dog bed options is the one that’s made using materials lying around your home.

If you have an old comforter or pillow that’s seen better days, put it to good use by fashioning it into a bed for your furry friend.

Simply stuff the comforter or pillow inside an old pillowcase or piece of fabric, and voila! You’ve got yourself a homemade dog bed. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even sew a dog bed cover for easy washing.

Not only is this option eco-friendly, but it’s also budget-friendly. Making your own dog bed is a great way to save money, and it’s also a fun project to do with the kids. They’ll love seeing their handiwork being used by the family pet.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when making your own environmentally friendly dog beds:

  • Make sure the materials you’re using are safe for your pet.
  • Avoid using anything with small pieces that could become detached, as these could pose a choking hazard.
  • Avoid using anything with sharp edges, as this could hurt your pet.
  • Make sure the bed is the right size for your pet. You don’t want them to be too cramped, but you also don’t want the bed to be so large that they can’t stay warm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know If A Dog Bed Is Eco-Friendly?

Eco-friendly is a generic catch-all phrase that some manufacturers use to confuse and deceive consumers.

Look out for eco-friendly materials put together by ethical producers. All the recommendations in this article have many excellent eco-friendly qualities.

Do Dogs Really Need Their Own Bed?

Dogs are den animals. They would burrow into the ground to keep warm and safe in the wild. Our domestic dogs still have that instinct, which is why they love to curl up under the covers or in a cozy nook.

But do they really need a cozy bed? Most dog experts say yes, especially if your dog sleeps indoors. A bed gives your dog a sense of security and belonging. It’s also a great way to keep them off your furniture!

Do Dogs Need Blankets To Sleep?

Thanks to their fur coats, most dogs are naturally insulated against the cold.

However, some breeds have thinner fur coats than others and may benefit from a blanket. If your dog is shivering at night, try a blanket and see if it helps.

Where Should I Put My Dog’s Bed?

The best place for your dog’s bed is somewhere they can feel safe and relaxed. This might be in their crate or a corner of your room.

You also want to make sure the bed is at a comfortable temperature. Avoid putting the bed near draughts or heat sources as this could make your dog too hot or too cold.

Are Omi Natural Dog Beds Any Good?

Omi is not a brand I tested due to the high ticket price. I wanted to include a range of dog beds for all budgets.

The Final Word

On average, most dogs spend 50% of their life asleep, so it’s worth investing in a non-toxic dog bed that’s comfortable and sustainable.

Eco-friendly dog beds are becoming increasingly popular as more and more pet owners become aware of the importance of choosing sustainable products and natural materials.

There are a few things you need to consider before making your purchase. But with a bit of research (I’ve done that for you! 😉), you should be able to find the perfect bed for your furry friend.

It’s time to recycle the regular old pet bed (once it’s reached the end of its usable life, of course) and go green. Your pup and the planet will thank you for it!


Get In Touch

Where do you buy your eco-friendly dog beds? Have I missed your favorite brand making awesome dog beds with non-toxic materials? Do you have a killer DIY hack for a homemade dog bed? Drop me a line and let me know.

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James is a senior editor at The Roundup and has been in journalism for over 10 years. He was born in the UK but raised in Florida, where he currently lives with his wife and two daughters. James is passionate about sustainable living and environmental issues which are reflected by his work as an editor of TheRoundup.org.
James Miller
James is a senior editor at The Roundup and has been in journalism for over 10 years. He was born in the UK but raised in Florida, where he currently lives with his wife and two daughters. James is passionate about sustainable living and environmental issues which are reflected by his work as an editor of TheRoundup.org.

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