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James Miller

James Miller

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Arabella Ruiz

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Stephanie Cole

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Our Mission

The Roundup is a website dedicated to sustainable living and eco friendly products. We believe living a greener lifestyle does not need to be expensive and that you do not have to sacrifice your everyday home comforts.

We offer simple, practical advice to help people make the right choices that can help preserve the future of our planet. The Roundup was created out of concern for the environment – we are all aware of how much damage humans have done in recent years, but most people don't know how bad the situation is, or what they can do about it.

The world is changing – weather patterns are becoming more extreme, sea levels are rising and our air quality is deteriorating because of human-induced climate change resulting from burning fossil fuels like coal and oil. It's time for us to take a good hard look at the consequences of our actions and to change the way we live.

But we're not here to preach, we're here to help. There are plenty of ways we can all act right now that will reduce our harm to the planet without compromising our way of life.

The Roundup will show you how you can make a difference, starting today.

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The Roundup

Your guide to a green and eco-friendly lifestyle. We offer simple, practical advice that anyone can follow. Together we can make a difference today & save tomorrow.
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