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20 Endangered Animals that will be Extinct by 2050

In a few short decades, many animals we know and love will be gone forever. And not because of some natural disaster or epidemic, but because of us. Humans are responsible for the majority of animal extinctions that have occurred in the last century. We’re destroying their habitats, polluting their ecosystems, and hunting them to […]

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13 Compelling Wind Energy Statistics & Facts

Wind power is one of the cleanest and most sustainable sources of energy available to us right now. It is an infinite resource that will never run out, and which produces zero emissions once installed. But how effective is wind power, how much are we using it, and which countries lead the way? How does […]

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51 Official Ebike Statistics & Facts

TheRoundup is delighted to present the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of ebike statistics on the web. If you are researching an article or paper about anything to do with electric bicycles, or are just curious to find out more, you will find the information you need here. Our researchers reveal the latest data organized […]

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39 Official Mattress Industry Statistics

Welcome to the ultimate source of mattress industry statistics, compiled using the latest official data and market research reports. If you need a trusted and reliable source for your mattress-related research or article, then look no further. Our research team is pleased to provide easy-to-understand infographics and all the latest data on both the US […]

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47 Official Sustainable Fashion Statistics

Today we present the latest official sustainable fashion statistics, verified and updated for . Our research reveals the current state of the industry, the demand for clothes made from sustainable materials, and the projections for the future in this sector. We also look at the scale of the waste, pollution, water consumption, and environmental damage […]

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How Much Does it Cost Each Time You Flush the Toilet?

Water and sewage costs are rising across the US. Flushing our toilets account for 30% of total indoor water usage in the average home - the biggest individual contributor to the total. But what is the actual cost of flushing a toilet? Should we be flushing less often, or are there any other ways to reduce […]

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35 Latest Solar Power Statistics, Charts & Data

Solar power is an energy source that has been around for quite some time. It’s only recently, however, that people have begun to truly understand the potential of this energy source and how it can help the world transition away from fossil fuels. In this article, with the help of charts and key statistical data, […]

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21 Most Eco-Friendly Cities in the World

There are many ways to live a greener lifestyle. One of the best is by living in an eco-friendly city, which uses sustainable practices and technologies. There are a number of cities that have taken various measures to promote greener living, such as energy efficiency, lower emissions, recycling programs, renewable energies, improved air quality and […]

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The 12 Most Environmentally Friendly Countries in the World

In many of us are looking to live a greener lifestyle. It's why we make the effort to buy sustainable products, reduce our waste and save energy. But as individual citizens, there's a limit to how much we can do. If the world's climate crisis is to be avoided, we need governments to take action […]

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Latest Global E-Waste Statistics And What They Tell Us

Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) is increasingly in demand in today’s society, driven by higher levels of disposable income, increasing urbanization and industrialization, and population growth. A large proportion of EEE has a short life span, and is often perceived as being difficult or expensive to repair. Brands spend billions creating consumer demand for the […]

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45 Carbon Dioxide, Greenhouse Gas & Climate Change Statistics

Greenhouse gases (GHGs) trap heat near Earth's surface, affecting the climate by increasing global temperatures. The effects of global warming are all around us, including more intense storms, frequent wildfires, and rising sea levels. We all know the theory, but what about the facts? What drives these emissions, what harm do they do, and what […]

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25 Plastic Waste Statistics That Will Shock You

Plastic waste and pollution have come to the forefront of public attention in recent years, but it's only when you see the statistics that you realize the sheer scale and complexity of the problem. We have researched and gathered the latest key industry data in five main areas: plastic production, waste generation, recycling, pollution, and […]

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