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The 12 Most Environmentally Friendly Countries in the World

In many of us are looking to live a greener lifestyle. It's why we make the effort to buy sustainable products, reduce our waste and save energy. But as individual citizens, there's a limit to how much we can do. If the world's climate crisis is to be avoided, we need governments to take action […]

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Latest Global E-Waste Statistics And What They Tell Us

Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) is increasingly in demand in today‚Äôs society, driven by higher levels of disposable income, increasing urbanization and industrialization, and population growth. A large proportion of EEE has a short life span, and is often perceived as being difficult or expensive to repair. Brands spend billions creating consumer demand for the […]

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Carbon Dioxide and Greenhouse Gas Emission Statistics

Carbon dioxide is one of the most potent greenhouse gases and causes climate change. It is a natural occurring chemical compound, but the amount that has been released into the atmosphere in recent years is unprecedented. The effects of global warming are all around us, including more intense storms, more frequent wildfires, and rising sea […]

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23 Plastic Waste Statistics That Will Shock You

Plastic waste and pollution has come to the forefront of public attention in recent years, but it's only when you see the statistics that you realise the sheer scale and complexity of the problem. We have researched and gathered key industry data in five main areas: plastic production, waste generation, recycling, pollution and future outlook. […]

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