8 Eco-Friendly Furniture Brands for a Sustainable & Stylish Home

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Most people don't think about the environmental impact of their furniture. But the truth is, the furniture industry is a major polluter.

From the trees that are cut down to make wood furniture to the chemicals used in upholstered pieces, our furniture can have a significant environmental footprint.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

There are a number of eco-friendly furniture brands that are making sustainable, beautiful pieces that will last for years to come.

I love my vocation. I genuinely feel it’s what I was born to do. However, I believe I’d have made a great interior designer and house remodeler in another life or parallel universe.

I have an eye for furniture. And I have an eye for eco-friendly products. So, this article is pretty much my idea of heaven.

Well, this and when I got to test sustainable mattresses of course!

So, pour yourself a green tea, pop your feet on my virtual eco-friendly coffee table, and take five deep breaths…while I take away all your eco-friendly furniture stresses.

Best Eco-Friendly Furniture Options for a Sustainable Home

They Say: Find something memorable, join a community doing good. Etsy’s 100% renewable electricity commitment includes the electricity used by the data centers that host Etsy, the Sell on Etsy app, and the Etsy app, as well as the electricity that powers Etsy’s global offices and employees working remotely from home in the US.

We Say: Etsy is fast becoming one of my favorite online destinations for sustainable products.

In the past, I’ve used/recommended Etsy for toilet paper, bags, yoga mats, jewelry, phone cases, deodorant, and zero-waste stores.

And now I’m OBSESSED with the vast array of reclaimed furniture on the platform.

I love the look of reclaimed wood and metal. I’m typing up this article sitting at my industrial desk from PastosCo.

Other stunning items I have my eye on include:

With over 20,000 reclaimed furniture options currently on Etsy, I’ve no doubt you’ll find a piece, or three, to suit your taste and budget.

On the subject of budget, if you shop around and take your time, you can get some fabulous eco-friendly bargains. This is due to cutting out the intermediaries and buying directly from the maker.

I love Etsy’s renewable energy commitment and also that they offset the carbon emissions from delivery and packaging on most purchases.

They Say: Our ethically made furniture pieces and collections are fair trade, artisan crafted, made in the USA. All pieces are eco-friendly, sustainably harvested, and low VOC. We also carry furniture made from recycled products like Emeco's line of chairs made from discarded plastic bottles. Many pieces use FSC certified wood, and a tree will be planted for each piece purchased.

We Say: Another of my absolute favorite eco-friendly market places, Made Trade, has an entire section dedicated to sustainable furniture.

There are many eco-friendly manufacturers on Made Trade, but my favorite at the moment is Masaya & Co.

Mrs. M and I love our Coyolito Sofa. It lives in our garden room and is perfect for getting away from the girls and snuggling up to read.

There are many things to love about this piece of furniture. My favorite two are:

  1. It’s handcrafted in Nicaragua using wood grown on deforested cow pastures. The Coyolito Sofa captures and sinks carbon.
  2. Masaya & Co. furniture plants 100 trees for every piece of furniture ordered. Yep. You read that right. 100 TREES! 👏 A climate-positive furniture company supporting artisan communities…LOVE IT!

Made Trade is a woman-owned, family-run small business. They’re also Climate Neutral Certified.

They Say: Run by its founders, Cliff Spencer and Leigh Spencer, Alabama Sawyer, designs modern, environmentally sustainable products from fallen trees in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Since we began, we have diverted hundreds of logs from the landfill by transforming them into award-winning furniture and products for homes and businesses.

We Say: “Trees Fall, Y'all”...I love this Alabama Sawyer slogan.

In fact, I love it so much I would buy the t-shirt…if only it were organic cotton!

It’s not just a clever marketing line, though. It’s also one of the key philosophies of the Alabama Sawyer wooden furniture company.

Trees do indeed naturally fall. The Alabama Sawyer furniture company rescues them before they go to landfill and turns them into stunning furniture.

This unique "treecycling" process produces high-quality, sustainable furniture products made from fallen trees (like nature's reclaimed wood, without any of the pollutants or chemicals).

As a true eco-friendly furniture brand, Alabama Sawyer has also considered their packaging. The vast majority of their products are shipped blanket wrapped, meaning it can be reused in perpetuity. Fantastic!

They Say: When it comes to your home, we believe you shouldn’t settle–for generic design, lesser quality, or anything short of a perfect fit. What if you could have more, without the designer price tag? Heritage quality, direct from our craftsmen, minus the retail markup. We’re thrilled to bring you a better way in furniture–and exceptional products you’ll be proud to include in your home.

We Say: Maiden Home produces affordable high quality, eco-friendly furniture.

This is done by cutting out expensive showrooms, wholesalers, boutiques, and warehouses.

Instead, they make furniture to order in their workshop and then ship it directly to the customer's home.

  • Made By The Best
  • Quality You Can Feel
  • Thoughtfully Designed
  • Simple And Direct

I recently visited a publisher friend of mine to ‘talk shop’.

It was a relaxed affair, and we ended up taking the meeting in her lounge room.

She had an enormous Jones Modular configuration that looked incredible in her minimalist home.

Every piece made by Maiden Home uses responsibly sourced and non-toxic materials and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Some are even CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD certified.

They Say: Elegant, warm, and charming, we handcraft our unique Cedar Stump Side Tables in our FSC®-certified Los Angeles woodshop with 100% red cedar and a non-toxic, clear varnish. Available in three heights. Not returnable. Note that color variations are to be expected and part of the charm.

We Say: Avocado is one of my favorite sustainable sleep specialists.

In the past, I’ve used/recommended them for mattresses, mattress toppers, crib mattresses, and bedding.

But what do all those things need? Good quality, eco-friendly bed frames to support them of course. Avocado is an eco-friendly furniture company that makes some of the very best bed frames around.

And now I’d also like to add their Cedar Stump Side Table to my list of favorite Avocado products.

It’s a quirky piece of eco-friendly loveliness.

There are many reasons to love this table, beyond the obvious one of it looks hella cool!

They Say: At VivaTerra we are dedicated to bringing an eco-friendly lifestyle to every part of your home decor (and more)! Before it was "trendy" to be green we recognized the importance of this mission and the inherent beauty within it. Our merchants travel far and wide to bring you the very best products from across the globe, each filled with decorative charm and representative of our commitment to socially and environmentally conscious practices and materials.

We Say: VivaTerra has been trading since 2004.

The name VivaTerra (which means ‘living earth’) is inspired by their dedication to working in harmony with nature.

It also reflects their mission of bringing modern, eco-conscious design to the mainstream.

They’re doing this by focusing on five key values:

  1. Handmade With Care: They support artisan and fair trade organizations worldwide.
  2. Recycled Materials: They focus on products created using recycled materials.
  3. All Natural: All VivaTerra products are as close to their natural form as possible.
  4. Made In The USA: They proudly support the artists, crafters, makers, builders, carpenters, and all other types of artisans right in our own backyards.
  5. Responsible Wood: VivaTerra wood products are crafted from either FSC certified wood or reclaimed wood.

The Tree Branch Coat Rack is currently my favorite VivaTerra piece.

It’s a lovely ‘hybrid’ nod to their sustainable ethics. A striking branch-shaped coat rack made from long-lasting and sustainable recycled metal.

They Say: At Plow & Hearth, we love giving back and doing good. Our team strives to make a positive impact on people, pets and the planet. It’s part of our culture, and important to our community and customers.

We Say: Plow & Hearth began life in 1980 as a small local store in Madison, Virginia.

Since that time they have been involved in several environmental initiatives. In 2008 they launched the Campaign to Reforest America, in partnership with the National Forest Foundation, which has already resulted in more than 3 million trees being planted across the country.

The company also supports numerous good causes, including the Shelter for Help in Emergency, the MESA Food Pantry, the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, and the SPCA.

All this shows that they're an ethical and eco-friendly furniture brand, but what about the furniture itself?

Well, Plow & Hearth features an extensive range of indoor and outdoor furniture, using both sustainable upholstery and reclaimed wood.

The design and build quality are truly exceptional.

There's so much great stuff here I'd need a second home just to fit all the items I like. But Mrs. M has a personal favorite - the Metal Cow Accent Table - and it's hard to argue. It's awesome.

All products are backed by a full satisfaction guarantee, so you can see how it looks in your home, then return it for exchange or refund within 90 days.

The only downside I can see is that there is no shipping carbon offset in place, so you need to remember to do that yourself, especially if you're returning items.

They Say: This bed frame is the perfect match for PlushBeds premium mattresses and foundations. Designed to be noiseless, the Quiet Balance Bed Frame features unique sound-absorbing construction. With superior, edge-to-edge support and a high weight capacity, it’s built for lasting stability.

We Say: PlushBeds make incredible eco-friendly mattresses, so it stands to reason that they’ll also make incredible eco-friendly beds, right?

Yep! Right! The PlushBeds Quiet Balance Bed Frame is both incredible and eco-friendly!

My father-in-law is a big man. What my family back in the UK would call a ‘unit’.

Most of his adult life, he’s had to make do with bed frames that struggled to accommodate his weight sufficiently.

They would either be too loud (creaking and cracking under his weight), or would simply sag and eventually break over time.

That was until we bought him this reinforced bed frame from PlushBeds.

No more sagging. No more creaking. No more danger of the bed collapsing in the middle of the night.

Great for him…and also (probably even more so), for his long-suffering wife.

This bed frame is made from recycled steel and a non-toxic, advanced polymer resin. It absorbs sound between the mattress and frame so you can sleep in restful silence.

Don't forget the foundation for the ultimate sleep comfort and mattress life.

What To Look For When Shopping Sustainable Furniture Brands

Chemicals In Furniture

Just like in rugs and carpets, many of the chemicals used in the production of furniture (glues, sealants, coatings, protective sprays, etc.) off-gas potentially harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into your home.

The EPA reports that levels of VOCs can be 2 to 5 times higher inside homes than outside.

They also go on to say that a potential cause of these increased VOC levels might be “building materials and furnishings”.

Eco-friendly furniture uses fewer chemicals, so it stands to reason that it can help reduce VOC levels in your home.

Second-Hand Superstars

I’ve said it many times before…but it bears repeating again, and again!

Don’t buy new if you don’t have to.

Second-hand, pre-loved, reclaimed. Whatever you call it, giving unwanted furniture a new lease of life can help save the planet and a few bucks too!

A fantastic first port of call for quality second-hand furniture online is AptDeco.

Sustainable And Non-Toxic Materials

Keep an eye out for materials that won’t harm your health or the health of the planet, such as:

  • Untreated reclaimed wood
  • FSC certified wood
  • Recycled materials
  • Natural materials
  • Fair trade materials
  • Sustainable materials
  • Organic cotton and other organic fabrics
  • Recycled fiber pillows
  • Solid bamboo
  • Scrap lumber
  • Recycled steel
  • Recycled aluminum
  • Dunlop latex
  • Talalay latex

Certifications that help give you peace of mind that your sustainable furniture is as free of toxins as possible include:

Ethical Business Practices

Look for sustainable furniture brands and manufacturers with a strict code of conduct across their entire supply chain.

Ethical businesses will:

  • Pay fair wages
  • Offer safe working conditions
  • Offset carbon emissions
  • Use sustainable (plastic-free, recycled, recyclable, compostable, etc.) packaging
  • Use solar and wind energy
  • Support local communities
  • Support local charities

Certifications that help give you peace of mind that your sustainable furniture brand of choice is as ethical as possible include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IKEA Eco-Friendly?

IKEA looks to be taking its eco-friendly responsibilities seriously. We recently featured them in our roundup of big companies trying to go green.

However, one of my criteria for sustainable furniture is longevity. IKEA traditionally sells cheap, entry-level, furniture.

Great when you’re at college on a budget…but not so great for the environment if you have to replace it every few years.

What Is The Most Eco-Friendly Table?

Wood is the most common material for eco-friendly tables. When sourced sustainably, it’s a natural and renewable material.

Is Bamboo Furniture Eco-Friendly?

Yes. Bamboo is a wonderfully sustainable natural resource. Bamboo furniture is

What Are The Most Eco-Friendly Types Of Wood?

According to FlexiSpot, the seven most eco-friendly kinds of wood are:

  1. Bamboo (actually a grass)
  2. White Ash
  3. Oak
  4. Black Cherry
  5. Pine
  6. Mahogany
  7. Maple

Is Tencel Really Sustainable?

Yes. Tencel, a material sometimes found in soft furnishings, is considered a sustainable fabric.

The Final Word

One of my dear old dad’s favorite sayings is “buy cheap, buy twice”, and I feel that applies perfectly here.

Yes, good-quality sustainable furniture from ethical furniture brands can be expensive (sustainable products are usually more expensive than their mass-produced counterparts).

However, it’s usually worth every cent because sustainable furniture is usually built to last a lifetime.

Just be careful when following fads and trends. Replacing furniture every few years because it’s outdated is unsustainable.

Get In Touch

Where do you buy your eco-friendly furniture? Have I missed any of your favorite ethical furniture brands?

Do you know of someone doing good for the planet with recycled metal? Or a kick-ass wooden furniture company? Drop me a line and let me know.

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James is a senior editor at The Roundup and has been in journalism for over 10 years. He was born in the UK but raised in Florida, where he currently lives with his wife and two daughters. James is passionate about sustainable living and environmental issues which are reflected by his work as an editor of TheRoundup.org.
James Miller
James is a senior editor at The Roundup and has been in journalism for over 10 years. He was born in the UK but raised in Florida, where he currently lives with his wife and two daughters. James is passionate about sustainable living and environmental issues which are reflected by his work as an editor of TheRoundup.org.

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