3 Amazing Organic Floor Cushions for Relaxing Meditation

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My daughters love to read, especially outside under the shade of our mature magnolia tree.

However, Mrs. M doesn’t love it when they drag the sofa cushions outside and get them dirty.

So, I was tasked with finding the best eco-friendly bean bag chair and organic floor cushion options to solve the problem.

Are you also looking for a sustainable way to lounge in style? Look no further than organic meditation cushions!

You can use these versatile and eco-friendly pieces in various ways to make your living space more comfortable.

In this article, I’ll provide tips on choosing the right cushion for your needs and list my favorites.

So read on and get inspired to add a touch of sustainable laidback luxury to your life!

Organic Floor Cushion: 3 Ways To Lounge In Sustainable Style

Later in this article, I’ll discuss what to look out for when shopping for your perfect organic floor cushion.

But first, I’d like to cut the chase and run down my three favorite floor cushions.

They Say: Versatile, luxurious, long-lasting. Our Square Meditation Cushion provides a supportive, wide platform that's stuffed with a vegan buckwheat fill inside an inner GOTS certified cotton liner. A gentle outer cover with our signature embroidered Crystal Cove design harnesses cotton and a touch of stretchy spandex.

We Say: I love what Brentwood Home does. They’re part of the Avocado Green business group (you might see them mentioned again later in this article! 😉) and have an impeccable approach to sustainability.

In the past, I’ve used/recommended them for mattress protectors, yoga mats, and mattresses. And now it’s the turn of their excellent floor pillows.

This is a super meditation cushion (in a sustainability/eco-friendly way…not a mold/algae way) stuffed with eco-certifications.

The materials used are certified by the following organizations:

And the company as a whole is Climate Neutral Certified and supports SeaTrees in its mission to help restore kelp forests in California and beyond.

But is it comfy to sit on? Yes…it most certainly is!

I’ve been dabbling with meditation recently (nothing too hardcore, just a daily practice or two on the headspace app), and this is now the meditation cushion I sit on during every meditation practice (now I’ve perfected my crossed-legged sitting).

The luxurious patterned certified organic cotton cover is super comfy, and the vegan buckwheat filling provides the perfect balance between support and comfort.

The cover is removable for easy cleaning.

The inside can be spot cleaned and aired outside upside in the sun to deodorize and disinfect naturally.

They Say: Handcrafted in Los Angeles, our MADE SAFE® certified yoga pillow delivers just enough height and support for wellness practitioners of all meditation levels, styles, and mantras.

We Say: Loved everything about the Brentwood Home Pillow, but want something thicker? Then the Avocado Organic Yoga Meditation Pillow is worth a look.

Of course, it is! When has Avocado ever let us down?

I’ve used/recommended them in the past for furniture, mattress protectors, pillows, mattress toppers, dog beds, crib mattresses, and bedding.

The muted green hue of this meditation cushion is perfect for creating a zen atmosphere in your home, and the organic materials make it ideal for eco-conscious yogis.

The pillow is well-stuffed with buckwheat, which makes it supportive without being too firm.

The GOTS cotton cover is soft and breathable. However, it’s not quite as luxurious to the touch as the Brentwood Home offering.

But, all things considered, it’s an excellent option for anyone looking for a stylish and sustainable meditation cushion. It’s a solid runner-up.

Also, in addition to the one-year warranty, you also get a 30-day home trial and free U.S. delivery.

We Say: Etsy is one of my favorite zero-waste stores, so I had to see what organic floor cushion offerings they had.

I chose a few (from the 5,500+ results from the search term ’organic floor cushion’!) for testing, and DrapeOrganic clearly stood out.

The customization options are staggering.

First, choose your thickness (2”, 3”, 4”).

Next, choose your size (pretty much anything from 14” x 14” to 20” to 20”).

Finally, choose from one of 63 color and pattern combinations.

With all these options, you’re sure to find something to meet your needs.

I went for the medium thickness (3”) for my test. I found the cushion very comfortable. If you want to feel more ’grounded’ (for meditation, for example), the 2” option might be more suitable. If pure comfort is your thing, go for the 4” option.

These cushions are filled with non-certified organic fiber. The outer fabric is organic and OEKO-TEX certified.

DrapeOrganic doesn’t officially offer a warranty, but the owner, Rajiv, is very responsive to messages and committed to sorting any issues for all customers.

Free delivery is available on all U.S. orders.

These cushions are handmade in India, but you don’t need to worry about the environmental impact of shipping to the U.S. because Etsy will offset carbon emissions from delivery and packaging on this purchase.

Floor Cushion 101: What Is It

An organic floor cushion is a type of cushion made from organic materials and designed to use directly on the floor.

They’re usually softer and more comfortable than the cushions found on eco-friendly sofas and sofa beds and can be used for various purposes, such as seating, sleeping, or as a decorative piece.

Organic floor cushions are becoming increasingly popular due to their many benefits. They’re environmentally friendly, durable, and comfortable. They can also add a touch of style to any room or outside space.

Floor Cushion 101: Materials

Organic floor cushions are made from various organic materials, such as cotton, wool, jute, and hemp. They may also contain natural latex or other eco-friendly fillers.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is a sustainable fabric grown and manufactured without the use of harmful pesticides or toxic chemicals. It’s a soft, durable fabric perfect for floor cushion covers.

Organic cotton can be certified or non-certified.

Non-certified organic cotton is usually cheaper, but you have to trust that the manufacturer is not attempting to greenwash you, and it is actually organic.

Organic cotton certified by trusted third parties (such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and

USDA Organic is usually more expensive but gives you extra assurances that you’re getting what you’ve paid for.

Organic Wool

Organic wool is another soft, durable material often used in floor cushions. It has excellent insulating properties, making it ideal for colder climates.

The Responsible Wool Standard is an excellent certification to look out for when buying wool products.


Jute is a strong, natural fiber. It has a slightly rough texture but is still soft to the touch.

Organic Hemp

Organic hemp fabric is another strong, natural fiber often used in floor cushions.

Like jute, it has a slightly rough texture but is still soft and comfortable.

Organic Latex

Organic latex is a popular material for filling floor cushions.

It’s bouncy and supportive, making it ideal for use as a sleeping surface.

The best organic latex is often certified by the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).


Buckwheat hulls are a popular natural vegan filler for floor cushions.

They’re firmly supportive but still have a little give.

Floor Cushion 101: Off-Gassing

The greater the number of toxic ingredients and chemicals in your floor cushions, the greater the probability of them off-gassing in your home.

The more organic and natural material in your floor cushions, the less off-gassing you’ll experience.

Floor Cushion 101: Sizes

Floor cushions come in a variety of sizes, from small to large.

They can be used as standalone pieces or grouped together to create a larger seating area.

Floor Cushion 101: Styles

Floor cushions come in a variety of styles, from traditional to modern.


Traditional floor cushions are typically made from cotton or wool and feature simple designs.


Modern floor cushions are often made from more contemporary materials, such as jute or hemp. They often feature bolder colors and patterns.

Floor Cushion 101: Uses

You can use organic cushions for various purposes, including seating, sleeping, or decorative pieces.


Organic cushions make excellent seating options.

They’re soft and comfortable and can be used in various settings, from the living room to the office.


Organic cushions can also be used as a sleeping surface.

They’re often filled with latex making them bouncy and supportive.


Organic floor cushions can also be used as decorative pieces.

They come in various colors, patterns, and styles, making them a great way to add a touch of class to any space.

Floor Cushion 101: Firmness

Floor cushions come in a variety of firmnesses, from soft to firm.

Soft floor cushions are typically filled with down, wool, or other softer materials.

Firmer options are filled with latex, buckwheat, and other firmer materials.

Floor Cushion 101: Care Instructions

Floor cushions are typically easy to care for.

Always spot clean spills immediately to prevent them from soaking in and worsening.

Some floor cushions come with removable covers, making them even easier to care for. Simply remove and machine wash, with eco-friendly laundry detergent, as per label instructions.

When not in use, store your cushions in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated room. Maybe even consider a storage container.

Floor Cushion 101: Meditation Cushion

Floor cushions are great for meditational practices on the floor.

Some are even designed especially for meditation and sold as meditation cushions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hemp Organic Life On Etsy Any Good?

Yes. Hemp Organic Life is an excellent seller producing some wonderful products and helping the people of Ukraine.

I have their hemp reading nook cushion in the corner of my study and love it. However, the shipping costs are very high (around $50 to the U.S.), which is why they didn’t make my top three.

The Final Word

I hope this article has helped you decide if a floor cushion is right for you.

If you still want some casual sitting space but are unsure if an organic floor pillow is right for you, maybe you need a bean bag chair instead.

Get In Touch

Do you use meditation pillows? Do your children love to lounge around outside on floor pillows? Have I missed your favorite vegan-certified brand making a kick-ass meditation prop from buckwheat hulls? Drop me a line and let me know.

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James is a senior editor at The Roundup and has been in journalism for over 10 years. He was born in the UK but raised in Florida, where he currently lives with his wife and two daughters. James is passionate about sustainable living and environmental issues which are reflected by his work as an editor of TheRoundup.org.
James Miller
James is a senior editor at The Roundup and has been in journalism for over 10 years. He was born in the UK but raised in Florida, where he currently lives with his wife and two daughters. James is passionate about sustainable living and environmental issues which are reflected by his work as an editor of TheRoundup.org.

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