5 Best Sustainable Wall Art Brands (Ethical & Fair Trade)

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Stephanie Cole
With her Master of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering (MSREE) from Oregon Tech, Steph is supremely well qualified to write on all aspects of sustainable living. She has already achieved a zero carbon footprint and her goal is to help as many other people as possible do the same. Her other hobbies include music, yoga, swimming and horror movies.
Stephanie Cole
Updated: March 19, 2024

Looking for some eco-friendly wall art? You're not alone!

I love adding a touch of color to my home but I won't hang anything on my wall that wasn't created in a responsible way.

That's why I was glad to volunteer for this roundup of the best sustainable wall art, posters, and prints!

I've scoured the internet to find the most stylish and sustainable home decor brands, so you can enjoy your new artwork guilt-free.

From gorgeous abstract prints to unique hand-drawn illustrations or even your own photos on canvas, there's something for everyone.

And best of all, each piece is made with environmentally-friendly materials and processes. So go ahead and spruce up your space with some new eco-friendly decor - your walls will thank you!

Stunning & Sustainable Wall Art Suppliers You'll Love

Sustainability Credentials

All products made to order, no excess stock, most produced locally
Responsible supply chain, using renewable energy
Fair trade practices, paying fair wages and respecting human rights
Uses biodegradable ink, free from solvents or harmful chemicals
Uses sustainable processes with all waste recycled
Every purchase supports Vi Agroforestry, planting 5,000 trees per year

They Say: We consider the environment in every step from production to delivery. We do our part for the environment by only making products to order. This means no products are stored in a warehouse or thrown out unnecessarily.

We Say: Photowall make a big deal of their environmental efforts, and they have every reason to. As you can see from the list of credentials above, this is obviously a brand that takes its environmental obligations seriously.

There is a page on their website where you can find out more details about Photowall's sustainable sourcing.

So far so good - but what about the products?

Photowall makes wall murals, designer wallpaper, canvas prints, and posters. There's a large range of designs to choose from which I think will suit all tastes (including a range for kids).

However, you also have the option to upload your own image and have it printed on a poster, canvas, or wallpaper.

This was an opportunity to make some of my favorite photos come to life, and it was one that I couldn't resist.

I ordered a poster and three canvas prints and this was my experience:

  • Ordering - The ordering process was easy enough, even for a tech novice like myself. I simply had to choose the product and size, and then upload my photos through the Photowall website. In fact, choosing which photos I wanted from the rather large gallery on my cellphone was the hardest part!
  • Delivery - Turnaround and delivery times were fast, in fact my order arrived before I was expecting it. The poster and canvases were shipped separately which was probably unnecessary and could have lowered the carbon emissions if they came together. The Photowall website states that orders are shipped in 1-4 days and my experience was certainly in line with that.
  • Packaging - All my products came in paper and cardboard packaging, with no plastic in sight! I wasn't able to confirm whether the packaging used recycled materials but the website says it is. It was certainly recyclable (and biodegradable).
  • Product Quality - I was delighted with the quality! The prints came out in perfect detail, the canvases are well made and they look great on my wall. I've taken some photos so you can see them for yourself.
  • Photowall canvas 1
  • Photowall canvas 2
  • Photowall canvas 3

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that they offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee on all products. That's unusual for custom items like these.

I won't be returning anything though! I love my prints and they're staying right where they are.

Overall, I have no hesitation in recommending Photowall, and taking everything into account, they were the best of the eco-friendly home decor brands I tried.

With an emphasis on sustainable materials and fair trade, without compromising on quality or price, you can't really go wrong.

Check them out for yourself...

Verified Customer Reviews

  • Incredible Product And Fast Shipping

    Couldn’t believe how quick and smoothly it all went. So happy with it all! Would recommend to all my friends.


  • Trustworthy

    My order came very quickly. The colours are beautiful and the premium paper is top quality. This company is trustworthy and delivers as promised.


  • Very Impressed

    Amazing quality, fast shipping, and very impressive design. It transformed our room. 100% recommended!

    Helen Shahrokhi

Sustainability Credentials

Fair Trade Federation Member
World Fair Trade Organization Member

They Say: We’re a global maker-to-market movement that addresses economic injustice. Because every handcrafted object has a life of meaning behind it. We’re a way for you to shop for ethically-sourced handcrafted wares - and to share in the joy of empowering makers in ten thousand villages.

We Say: Ten Thousand Villages is an online marketplace that puts a huge emphasis on fair trade. So if you're looking for ethical home decor made from local materials using traditional techniques, then this is the place you'll find them.

The product range goes well beyond eco-friendly home decor, spanning everything from kitchenware to pet products to outdoor accessories. But since this is a roundup of sustainable wall art I will restrict myself to just that category here.

Ten Thousand Villages doesn't display sustainability credentials on its website, but for the most part, artisan communities do tend to use sustainable raw materials. When you start looking at the individual items they stock, you'll see that this is the case here.

The Home Bike Chain Hook Rack that I bought, for example, is handmade from recycled bicycle chains.

I also bought the Enjoy the Shade Wall Art as a gift for my mom (which she thinks is absolutely fantastic). It's handmade from takip asin twigs and slices of galtang vines, so it's fully sustainable.

By signing up for an account online, I was able to get a 15% discount on my first order. This offer might change in the future, but it's well worth taking if it's still available.

Ten Thousand Villages ships to all 50 US states and free delivery is available on selected items. Delivery times vary, but mine arrived in about a week.

In the (unlikely) event you're unhappy with your item, you can return it in its original condition within 60 days for a full refund (minus shipping fees).

Sustainability Credentials

Climate Neutral Certified
Woman-Owned Company
Responsibly Sourced Materials
Fair Trade Suppliers

They Say: We vet each and every product we carry to ensure it's aligned with our values. Each of the 150+ brands, small businesses, makers, and artisan collectives we partner with goes through an extensive application process where we collect detailed information about their products, manufacturing process, labor conditions, materials, fair trade status, third-party verifications, and much, much more.

We Say: Made Trade is one of our favorite online retailers here at The Roundup, and we've recommended quite a few of their sustainably sourced products before.

They stock items from a range of artisan partners, each of which is vetted to ensure they meet strict environmental and fair trade criteria.

Many of the wall decor items are made by World Fair Trade Organization members, using sustainable methods and natural materials.

So from an eco-friendly and ethical perspective, everything stacks up.

I love items made using traditional crafts, so I was delighted to see that Made Trade stock over 200 different handcrafted wall decor items.

If you're struggling to choose, I have a couple of personal recommendations to share.

Some of my favorites are the Zera woven bowls, which look fantastic on my kitchen wall. These start from just $29 each but look more expensive than they are when they're hung up.

If tapestries are more your thing, then the Nile Wool Kilim Wall Hanging looks amazing. It's handcrafted in Egypt from sustainably sourced materials. I actually have this in my hallway, but it would be equally suitable for any other room in your home.

With so much to choose from at Made Trade, you're sure to find plenty of options to suit your taste and budget.

Made Trade offers a 22-day satisfaction guarantee, during which time you can return any order that isn't marked as final sale, for a refund or exchange. Returns incur a $6 shipping fee.

Delivery is free on orders over $100, and Made Trade offsets 100% of the emissions on every delivery, making them carbon neutral.

Sustainability Credentials

Fair Trade Federation Member
Nonprofit Organization

They Say: We prioritize working with groups that use materials originating from sustainably managed sources and that have minimal impact on the environment. Many of our products are made of repurposed, upcycled, and recycled materials.

We Say: The Little Market works with artisan partners around the world to supply items that are ethically and sustainably sourced. It's a non-profit, with a focus on fair trade and providing people with safe jobs and living wages.

Many of their products are made from repurposed or recycled materials.

Wall coverings are just one part of what is a wide array of products on offer, including kitchen, bathroom, and linens. Each item showcases the cultural heritage of the artisans that made them.

Now I'll admit, the sustainable home decor range at The Little Market isn't as varied as some of the other brands I've featured. But there are some nice items here that are different from what you'll find elsewhere.

The wall ornaments, for example, are cute little hanging shapes such as stars and hearts, made from organic wool and cotton.

Likewise, the organic cotton garlands are perfect for special occasions. They spell out messages like "Happy Birthday," "Just Married," or the one I bought for my dad which reads simply "Best Dad Ever." Mom tells me that has pride of place in his study now.

Shipping is fast - normally within 4-5 business days within the Lower 48, or 7-10 if you're lucky enough to live in Alaska or Hawaii. Shipping charges do apply, depending on your order.

There's a 30-day return policy if you are not happy with your order, subject to a 5% restocking fee.

They Say: Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures. As a company, we strive to lead with our guiding principles and to help spread ideas of sustainability and responsibility whose impact can reach far beyond our own business.

We Say: Etsy is an old favorite here at The Roundup, and is a tried and trusted place to look for the best zero-waste products.

It's a global marketplace specializing in eco-friendly products made by master artisans. They deserve a place among the top home decor brands because, due to the nature of the site, the range of wall coverings is massive.

As a marketplace, they do not supply any goods themselves, hence the lack of specific sustainability credentials. However, there is an Etsy Supplier Code of Conduct, detailing the high standards by which all sellers on the site have to abide.

It includes the following:

  • Conduct business in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner, including resource-efficient consumption of energy, water, and other natural resources, minimizing waste and diversion from landfills, and reducing harmful chemical use.

Each item listed also includes detailed descriptions of how and where it was made, by whom, and whether it is made from organic, recycled, or sustainable materials.

I've bought plenty of items from Etsy over the years and the quality is almost always high. Each seller will have their own return policy if you need it though, so check before you buy.

Sustainable Home Decor Buyer's Guide

There are certain things that all good sustainable home decor brands have in common, and I always make sure that all my recommendations tick the majority of these boxes.

So in the unlikely event that you can't find what you're looking for at any of the websites listed above, this quick buyer's guide will show you what to look for.

Sustainable Practices

I always look for companies that are mindful of climate change and waste, and who employ sustainable solutions throughout the entire supply, manufacturing, and distribution chain.

Look for any evidence of measures that the company has taken to reduce energy consumption, water usage, and waste production.

This might be via third-party certifications like these, or their own policies and standards as stated on their website.

For example, you could ask:

  • Are products hand-made to order (which reduces waste) or manufactured in bulk?
  • What happens to waste water or materials in the manufacturing process?
  • Does the company use renewable energy?

Most eco-friendly brands are proud of these credentials and will display them prominently on their website. But if they don't, never be afraid to ask before you buy.

Non-Toxic, Sustainable Materials

Needless to say that any eco-friendly product in our home should be made, as far as possible, using non-toxic and sustainable materials.

But what do sustainable materials look like in terms of your wall decor? It might include things such as:

  • Reclaimed wood (for picture frames)
  • Recycled paper and biodegradable ink (for posters, prints, and artwork)
  • Recycled metal (for hooks and metal ornaments)
  • Organic Wool or Organic Cotton (for wall ornaments)
  • Bamboo, which is considered very eco-friendly due to the speed at which it grows.

I guess most of us already use paints that are free from harmful chemicals, but it's just as important for the things you hang on your walls to be non-toxic as well.

By ensuring that your artwork is made from natural materials, you will also keep toxic chemicals out of your home and improve indoor air quality, and your and your family's health.

Fair Trade

You'll probably have noticed that many of the brands above put a huge emphasis on fair trade.

Maybe that's the reason you came to read this guide. Finding fair trade home decor brands isn't always easy. But these guys definitely fit the bill.

If a retailer or manufacturer has made the effort to become a WFTO member, or join Fair Trade USA or other similar bodies, I see it as a sign of their commitment to ethical sourcing and social responsibility.

Fair Wages

Fair trade encompasses more than just pay, it's also about working conditions, culture, and environment. But money, after all, is the reason most of us work, and therefore wages are an important factor.

An ethical home decor brand should always provide meaningful income opportunities to its workers and suppliers. Look for companies that don't just pay a living wage, but who exceed it.

The Final Word

Your choice of wall decoration is a great way to add personality to your home. But it's great to know that you can do that while also supporting responsible manufacturing practices.

I'm not here to give you interior design tips - everyone's taste is different. But what I hope I have done is provide you with a great range of eco-friendly and fair trade options, where you're certain to find something you love.

There are a growing number of ethical brands that offer high-quality home decor, and it's important to support these companies in order to encourage more sustainable business practices overall.

With so many amazing options available, there's no excuse not to choose a sustainable design for your next home decor project!

Get In Touch

Have you found an eco-friendly artist or retailer that you feel I should add to this list? Or have you bought a piece of art from one of the brands I recommended?

If so what was your favorite piece, where did you hang it, and how awesome does it look in your home?

I really appreciate your feedback, so do get in touch and let me know.

Stephanie Cole
Stephanie Cole
With her Master of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering (MSREE) from Oregon Tech, Steph is supremely well qualified to write on all aspects of sustainable living. She has already achieved a zero carbon footprint and her goal is to help as many other people as possible do the same. Her other hobbies include music, yoga, swimming and horror movies.

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